Social Networking and Lacrosse

I don’t consider myself a social networking geek. I have a twitter account (, a Facebook account (, a You Tube channel (, and even a Livestream channel ( I also have my podcasts on iTunes and

I take that back. Maybe I am a social networking geek. Not an Uber geek. It’s just, when I have thoughts, I’d like to get them out in multiple channels, so you can see the information how you want, when you want.

I also like to follow others to see what they have to say. I follow the twitter feeds of Kyle Harrison, Joe Cinosky, Rob Scherr, and Matt Danowski because I worked with them in the past and like to keep up on their lives, how they’re doing. I also follow some guys I don’t know, such as Paul Rabil and Joe Walters. They’re doing some exciting stuff in their lives and I like to see what they’re up to.

You can too. Lacrosse All Stars wrote a post titled Pro Lacrosse Players on Twitter. They have a list of select lacrosse stars and their twitter accounts.

Now, what does this all have to do with Lacrosse Strength? Well, sometimes these pro athletes update their accounts saying they “just worked out”, “saw their trainer/strength coach”, etc. That’s just too generic for me. Wouldn’t it be great if they told us what they did? What exercises they did? What athletic abilities they worked on? I don’t need sets, reps, and weight. Just more specifics. It would give all of us followers a better idea about how the best train. Maybe even introduce us to a new exercise we haven’t thought of. I don’t think it’s asking too much, right?

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