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Opportunity in Lacrosse

As we look forward to the new year, let’s evaluate what we’ve been doing to make sure when opportunities present themselves, we are putting our best foot forward. That means always being in good shape, strength program is optimal, conditioning is on point, stick skills are sharp. You never know when you get the opportunity to play in front of someone you’d like to impress. Be Ready!!

What are you doing to make sure you’re ready for the new year and for new opportunities ahead? Leave us a comment below.

How to increase your speed and agility in Lacrosse

Todd B via Compfight

“How do you increase speed?”

That’s one of the questions I get most often from parents. It’s what they see the most. When a player is on a fast break and the middies are having trouble catching up and the defense can’t get in the hole, it just looks impressive. When a player is able to take two steps and create space to take a shot, most parents think they wish they’re kid can do that. Except for the parents of that kid; they’re just chuckling inside. Continue reading…

Lacrosse Gift Ideas for the Holiday”

This is the time of year that most companies will have huge sales and try to take advantage of the holiday season to get their products out in front of those looking for gifts for their loved ones. With that in mind, I’ll give you my gift suggestions for the Lacrosse player/fan in your life. […]

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Brett Hughes Speech at Rhino Camp

Thanks to LaxAllStars, we got a brief glimpse into Rhino Camp and a speech by Brett Hughes. Brett has always been one of the more respected people in the game because of his respect for himself, others, and the game.

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Lacrosse Strength at Big City Classic

Check out the highlight video below. Brady Wulster from Don Bosco made the highlight. He worked with me last year and I couldn’t be prouder of his work ethic and progress.

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CrossFit Not for Lacrosse

Got this month’s Inside Lacrosse today. As usual, I went right to the Fitness Forum. This time I was disappointed in the workout. I understand Reebok sponsors Lacrosse as well as CrossFit. But that doesn’t mean they should go together. CrossFit has it’s place, but I don’t believe it’s a prudent form of exercise for […]

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Continuing Education for Lacrosse Strength

Over the weekend I had the opportunity to go to a continuing education seminar at Leverage Training Center in Wyckoff, NJ. The group of presenters were people I had never met, or people, I just recently met so I was really going out on a limb by spending my only day off over there. Overall, […]

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YouTube best way to train for Lacrosse…no way.

I just saw a tweet from a player saying “he’s looking forward to training for Lacrosse. YouTube is the best teacher.” UGH. I disagree, and this is from the guy who has multiple YouTube videos below. Videos are great for getting a visual representation for an exercise, or maybe get an idea for a new […]

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Side Planks with Rotation

This exercise takes a side plank, which requires stability between the trunk and pelvis, and adds a rotational component. Anytime you add extremity movement to a core stability exercise, it makes the stability exercise much more challenging. The goal is to rotate the top hand from pointing directly at the ceiling to underneath the trunk. […]

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Lacrosse warm up – Lateral Hop

When we warm up before training, we do all sorts of agility, low box, and explosive drills. The lateral hop is one of those drills that you can use not only before training, but also before practice or games. The low hurdles just make things more challenging in this environment, but aren’t necessary. The lateral […]

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